An e-mail I got from Lauren

I watch your videos quite a lot and wondered if you had any experience with blind budgies? I have a pair of brothers who is complete opposites, I have Pudding who is loud, proud, and really in your face about everything, and then I have the Chu who is more quiet, timid, and generally quite skittish and recently the Chu was diagnosed as blind, he had stopped eating and was exhibiting a lot of stress behavior which didn’t help with his brother being in his face so after separating them the Chu managed to stop the stress behavior and started eating after we put him in a smaller cage, we went to an exotics specialist who did a brief physical check and not much more because of how stressed he was and a few days later I noticed he was acting strangely, he wasn’t concerned about my hand being near him which is usually would be and would fly in the direction of noises but not to the actual target and would fly into things randomly.

We took him back and I asked them to check for blindness and they confirmed that he was indeed blind and that his stressed behavior and not eating maybe have been because of the lack of eyesight and not being about to find his way around such a large cage which has improved a lot in his new set up which he manages to get around in fine and does everything by touching his beak to things to guide himself.

I wanted to send this email because I wanted to know if there was anything, I can do to up his enrichment. He has never enjoyed toys and has always treated everything as the most terrifying thing in the world. we got his wings clipped because he was still trying to fly while blind and hurting himself and has now gotten used to toddling around like a little chicken and I spend a lot of personal time with him so he doesn’t feel so isolated but would like some suggestions on other ways I can let him enjoy himself and get him used to his new life

AlenAxp Answered question November 24, 2020
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