Cookie Rise Above T-Shirt Giveaway – Winner

EDIT: We have a new winner of Cookie Rise Above T-Shirt Giveaway 🎉🎁🎈😅 By random selection of all participants, the Winner is [email protected] 🌻🍓🌼 Thank you all.

Once again, Giveaway! But this time it is my Cookie inspiration T-shirt. I call it Rise Above. As you probably know, my beloved Cookie sadly passed away. He was a 10-Year-old smart and cute Budgie. Cookie was part of my family, the reason why I fall in love in Budgies as pets.

Because of Cookie, I started a Youtube Channel for taking care of Budgies, I learned everything thanks to him. Cookie will never be forgotten, he will be living in my videos forever!

The Rise above T-shirt was made after Cookie’s bad health 5 months ago, also I made a video about that period and how I take care of Cookie here. Cookie managed to Rise Above and be a stronger bird after that. Sadly, years build up, molt of changing feathers made him weak again… Watch here Spending last moments with Cookie here

Let’s back to the giveaway :) I have a second Channel ThePrimeFuture where I am posting various pet care videos that may be helpful for every pet owner. So, to participate in the giveaway you need to Subscribe to ThePrimeFuture and watch a video from the Channel.


  1. Thottathil mana koodapuzha chalakudy
    In India

    I have comment I love cookie very much when cookie dead I cry I am very sad 😭because I love cookie very much🐦

  2. I know when we lose our pet that was to painful.
    Sir i am inspired by you.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Alen I am a great fan of u. From India. I love watching all ur videos. I love the bond between u and ur birds .I love cookie a lot .I really miss him . So I entered into the give away . Will b very happy if i got one

  4. Hi alen . I am seeing your videos for 5 years .I love cookie when I go to your channel my first videos i see coking talking 1 hours.i miss cookie.i have also a budgie named cookie.today for you *alen axp * and denny the budgie ,I have tamed my budgie and he sit on my hand.i love cookie rise above teacher.i m from India …love you
    Name – Dishant Roy

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